Water sterilizer for knives and steels, with electronic control and water level sensor,

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Producer: Fomann
Product code: Ster0002

Technical data

Product number:Ster0002
Year of production:2024
Chamber depth:360 mm
Type of acid-resistant steel:AISI 304
Water connection:1/2 cal
Power:5000 W
Power:400V/ 5N/ 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature range:0-100 C
The thickness of the sheet metal it is made of1,5 mm SZLIF

The sterilizer is designed to sterilize knives and tools used in meat, poultry and other plants in hot water.

The device is equipped with a water level sensor. If an employee forgets to turn off the device or turns it on when there is no water, nothing will happen to the heater. The device will not turn on if the heater is not filled with water – No more burnt heaters.

When there is no water, the controller displays an alarm and also signals it with sound.

The sterilizer is made of acid-resistant steel. The basic element of the sterilizer is the tank. We can place knives and steel poles in the tank. The sterilizer is supplied with cold water through a nozzle installed in the lower part of the tank, and excess water flows through an overflow pipe. The water is heated using heaters, whose operation is controlled by an electronic temperature controller. To completely drain the water from the tank, another 1/2 inch pipe is used, which can be equipped with a ball valve.


We encourage you to purchase additional 1/2 inch stainless steel ball valves for PLN 50 net/pcs.

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