About us

Fomann Limited Liability Company Commandite

The main profile of our activity is:

  • Import and export of machines for meat processing
  • Import and export of machines for the food industry
  • Machines and catering equipment
  • Warranty and post-warranty service for machines and devices
  •  Spare parts for machines
  • Accessories and processing aids

We sell single machines and entire technological lines. We carry out our own machine service, by qualified employees. It includes mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical service of machines, including the installation and programming of new controllers. Currently, 100% of the machines we sell are after our service.

The devices offered by us are used, among others, in:

  • meat industry
  • production of ready meals
  • dairy industry
  • vegetable and fruit processing

In addition to sales and service, we also provide Maintenance services at production plants. The trouble-free operation of the machine park is our priority. We introduce preventive maintenance of the Movement at production plants, which significantly eliminates the occurrence of a failure, and in the event that we are dealing with a failure we are able to remove it in a very short time because we have a huge warehouse of spare parts for food machines that houses more than 15,000 components.

Most of our transactions have a dimension not only European, but also global.
We run joint interests with partners from Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, the United States, Russia, China, Japan and others.


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