Stainless steel strip curtains for cold rooms and freezers

Availability: available on order
Shipping in: 10 days
Price: 99,00 € (gross: 121,77 €)
Producer: Fomann
Product code: Kurt 01

We offer a comprehensive service of manufacturing and delivering a strip curtain made of soft PVC foil, ready for self-assembly. We make strip curtains to any size, please send us an inquiry via e-mail.

Color and type of foil in the PVC curtain – our offer includes a wide range of foil types, from transparent (transparent) standard foil and reinforced ribbed foil for operation at temperatures (-15 / +50 degrees C.), through fleece foil for freezer rooms intended for operation at temperatures (-35/+30 degrees C), to colored foils, antistatic foils, fire-resistant (self-extinguishing) foils, to dedicated foils, i.e. anti-insect or perforated foils and others.

A PVC strip curtain always has strips equipped with fittings necessary to hang them on the comb strip supplied in the set. The entire set is prepared so that the buyer can quickly and independently install the ordered curtain in the planned place. The PVC strip curtain set comes with assembly instructions, which explain in a simple and clear way, step by step, how to assemble the PVC foil curtain received quickly (72 hours to complete).

The high-quality POLAR PVC material used means that our curtains do not crack due to temperature changes or mechanical impacts

The mounting comb and slings are made of AISI 304 steel, which distinguishes us from the competition. The material used is CAST-RESISTANT stainless steel, which does not turn black or rust under the influence of chemicals and other atmospheric factors.

The given price is for 1 meter of curtain with a maximum height of 230 cm

The remaining dimensions are estimated individually

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