Dicer - Treif Felix 100

Price: 5 399,00 €

The machine is in perfect condition after service

New hydraulic oil

New flap safety sensor

New switches and contacts

New master switch

New brass sliding bushings

Possibility to make cubes with dimensions:



The machine is equipped with mechanical initial side compression of the product, which ensures that the cube comes out perfectly

Maximum cube length 40 mm, hydraulically adjustable


Cutting into slices, dicing into strips
Cutting boneless meat, cold cuts, ham, bacon, bacon, fish, vegetables and fruit – fresh and chilled products at a temperature of +4°C – 0°C
Use in small meat processing plants, supermarkets, catering companies

General characteristics:

Mechanical efficiency: 900 kg/h
A knife for making slices is available
Compact design
Made of stainless steel
The device meets the highest hygiene standards
Easily and quickly dismantled elements
Mobile model


net price

Video of how it works:



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