Vacuum pump Rietschle CLE 10 DV

Price: 199,00 €

Technical data:

Product numberRietschle
Year of production2016
Engine power 0,75 kW
Capacity10 m3/h
MAX vacuum71  mbar (80%)
Noise level74 dB
Rotation speed1400 obr/min
Weight30 kg
Dimensions [wys. x dł. x szer.]251 x 341 x 210 mm


The pump pulls a vacuum up to 71 mbar

The pump is in perfect condition, little used

Oil vacuum pump, squeegee – a device used in technology to remove gases (create a vacuum) in a closed space. Due to the way they operate, pumps are divided into: volumetric, jet, ion-sorption, ion-magnetic, molecular, condensation, adsorption and ionic.

The most important parameters of vacuum pumps are:

final pressure (the smallest pressure that can be obtained with such a pump),
pumping speed and its dependence on pressure,
efficiency (usually measured in m3 of pumped gas per unit time).

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