Vacuum chamber packing machine Webomatic PNC 20-A-D-M2


Technical data

Product numberPNC 20
Year of production2005
Chamber size850x720x400 mm
The length of the sealing bar4 x 830 mm
Productivity for packaging1-3 / min
External dimensions [height x width x depth]1720x780x1220 mm
Standard vacuum pump 250 m3/h
Weight:650 kg
Power:400V 5N

The machine is in perfect condition, very little used – equipped with a double seal, knives that cut off the excess foil and automatic opening of the chamber – after general service.

After completing the packing cycle, it automatically empties the chamber onto the conveyor behind the machine

Automatic closing of the chamber allows you to get the best work efficiency

The main advantages of this device:

The vacuum chamber and housing are made of aluminum
Easily removable sealing bar
Automatic adjustment of the intensity of foil sealing
Automatic operation with automatic lid opening
Complete set of filler plates
The acrylic, transparent cover allows you to observe the ongoing process
Continuous real-time vacuum measurement

It is possible to add an additional Booster pump with a capacity of 500 m3 / h for a net price of EUR 3,600

net price

Film how it works:

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