Stuffing trolley 300l

Availability: available on order
Shipping in: 10 days
Producer: Fomann
Product code: Cymber 300l


Technical data

Product number:Cymber 200l
Year of production:2022
Height:950 mm
Inside width:636 mm
Length inside:636 mm
Wheel diameter:150 mm
Type of stainless steel:0H18N9 1.4301
Wheel bearing type:Slide
The material of which the wheels are made:Polyamide
Weight:40 kg
The thickness of the sheet from which the bottom is made:2+4=6 mm
Sheet thickness from which the walls are made:2 mm

New factory carts

Trolleys/Cymbry for stuffing with a capacity of 300l made of stainless steel, Polish production. We sell dozens of strollers a month, delivering them to customers from all over the world. The products are characterized by high, hygienic quality and effective finish. Each piece undergoes strict quality control before shipment.

Thanks to the low rolling resistance, transporting the contents is easy and effortless. In the case of narrow passages / rooms, it can also be perfectly maneuvered by its slight inclination.

The trolleys are made of stainless steel: steel 1.4301 (AISI304), the surface is pickled, and the bottom is reinforced with 4 mm thick sheet metal. This prevents deformations and deformations of the structure.

Product features:
– made in accordance with DIN 9797,
– material: steel 1.4301 (AISI304) or 1.4404 (AISI316) on request,
– surface finish: etched,
– construction made of 2 mm thick sheet metal,
– bottom reinforced with 4 mm sheet metal,
– wheel hub reinforced with a sleeve.

The above-mentioned structural changes make the presented stuffing trolley much more durable and maintains a longer service life, as our existing customers have already found out. It is worth noting that when ordering eight strollers, the cost of shipping one is only PLN 40 net. Cart shipping time – depending on the size of the order. In addition, we make other trolleys, stands, shelves, nets according to the individual order of each of our customers. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the rest of the assortment.

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