Stainless steel smoke stick to size

Availability: 1149 pc.
Shipping in: 3 days
Producer: Fomann
Product code: Kij Nier 2

Technical data:

Product number:Kij Nier 2
Year of production:2021
Height:25 mm
Width:25 mm
Length:997 mm ( 1000 mm)
Steel type:Stainless steel 0H18N9 1.4301
Weight:0,45 kg

Sticks brand new. to size

We always use stainless steel sticks for wood-fired smokehouses

The most modern type of smokehouse in the world, made of stainless tube with strongly rounded tips.

Strongly rounded tips of the stick do not damage the intestines and ensure an increase in the bluntness of their hanging, without fear of damage. The universally used polished surface ensures shortened washing time and lower cleaning costs. These sticks have many times longer life than an aluminum stick.

Sticks made of stainless steel 0H18N9 – this is stainless steel which does not blacken under the influence of chemistry – please watch out for sticks made of ordinary stainless steel which after a few washes lose their color and turn gray-black.

When ordering 50 sticks, the cost of shipping one stick is only 0.5 PLN net

Shipping costs depend on the number of items ordered – up to 50 items is only PLN 25 net

Shipping time of carts from 1-3 business days depending on the size of the order

In addition, we make carts, racks, shelves, nets according to the order

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