Stainless steel drain, Stainless steel drainage, Stainless steel sewage grate

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Producer: Fomann
Product code: Wpust Nierdzewny, Odwodnienie nierdzewne, Kratka ściekowa nierdzewna

The offered drains are used in places where, for hygienic and aesthetic reasons, acid-resistant stainless steel elements should be used: AISI304 (EN 1.4301) The type of drain depends on the load class, the amount of discharged liquid (medium) and the construction parameters (e.g. thickness ceiling). They are ideal for meat, food and pharmaceutical plants

Dimensions 200x200mm

Drain vertically down or sideways onto a 110 mm or 75 mm pipe



– possibility of choosing a grate depending on the application and load class,
– easy assembly,
– thanks to the appropriate siphon design, each inlet is also an access to the sewage system,
– simple design,
– easy to keep clean.
– made of thick sheet metal resistant to deformation even when hit by a forklift


We select gullies based on two basic parameters:
– amount of sewage discharged (selection of the appropriate drain diameter and size of the upper part),
– size, type and intensity of the load (the load-bearing element is a grate which, depending on the type and height, will carry the given load).

After ordering, please specify in the message to the seller:

– Type of grate: Plate, Ladder, Grate, Perforated sheet
– Connecting pipe diameter: 75 mm or 110 mm
– Drain type: Vertical down or sideways

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