BOILING BOILER with an electric agitator 60L - 2011 r

Price: 2 230,00 €

Technical data

Product numberCh Marmites
Year of production2011
Heating mediumElectric heaters
Height:1100 mm
Width:880 mm
Length:1000 mm
Main material:Stainless, acid-resistant steel
Heating temperature range:0-120 ℃
Water tank capacity:60 l
Power 7,5 kW
PowerElectric: 400V 50Hz 5N
Weight:130 kg

The device is in perfect condition, without any defects.

The electric cooker with a stirrer with a capacity of 50 l is intended for large catering establishments, where larger amounts of one-pot dishes are prepared at a time. The boiler is equipped with hot and cold water connection.

The indirect heating system used significantly shortens the cooking time – less than 50 minutes. The interstitial space is filled with water vapor. The automatic system for controlling and regulating the pressure and water level in the interstitial space installed in the cooker guarantees compliance with all strict safety requirements both in the country and in the EU.

Smooth power control allows you to control the cooking intensity, and thus save energy. The large 1.5 inch drain valve allows easy emptying of the contents of the tank. Production of the cooking boiler – stainless steel.

The machine is in perfect condition after the service

The price is a net price


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