Kebab trolley, trolley freezing Kebab - NEW

Availability: available on order
Shipping in: 10 days
Producer: Fomann
Product code: Wózek Kebab

Technical data

Product number:Wózek Kebab
Year of production:2021
Height:1999 mm max or other at the customer’s request
Width:1000 mm
Length:1200 mm
Wheel diameter:160 mm
Type of wheel bearings:Stainless steel sliding, rotating
Wheel material:Polyamide
Steel type:Stainless steel0H18N9 1.4301
Number of hanging pipes:8 szt
The material of which the upper and lower frames are made:40x40x2 mm
Pipe material:40×2 mm
The sheet thickness of the supports:3 mm

Four road wheels – adapted to work in the temperature down to minus 40ºC

The trolley has 4 sliding pipes which allows:

1. Free positioning of kebabs on a trolley of different thickness so that they do not touch each other during the freezing process, which prevents burns and not even freezing

2. Possibility of sliding pipes and hanging very long kebabs on the same cart

Trolley for transporting and freezing kebabs on hangers made of high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, 2 mm thick.

The trolley is equipped with 4 wheels with a diameter of 160mm, enabling easy maneuvering, 2 swivel wheels with a brake. The wheel base is made of sheet metal, 3 mm thick

The trolley is designed for a maximum of 48 hangers depending on the thickness of the kebabs

Wheels in galvanized housings, for inox housings an additional fee of +360 PLN net

It is possible to adjust the dimensions and construction to the customer’s needs.

In addition, we make carts, stands, shelves, nets according to the order

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