Injector Gunther PI 21/57 - 57 needles

Price: 4 999,00 €

Technical data

Product number PI 21/57
Year of production 2010
Height: 2000 mm
Width: 600 mm
Length: 1600 mm
Number of needles: 57
Productivity:  3000 kg / h
Belt Width: 350 mm
Inlet height: 200 mm
Injection volume: 5-80%
Pressure: 1-2,5 bar
Total power 3 kW
Electric: 400V 50Hz 5N
Main material: Stainless, acid-resistant steel
Max Weight: 570 kg

The machine is in perfect condition, very little used

Intended for injection with a brine solution of meat elements. It enables high efficiency of the process, both on raw materials with bone and without bone, while maintaining the structure of the muscle.


– stainless steel high-performance brine pump

– plastic conveyor belt for optimal hygiene

– sieve system with large capacity reserve for thick brines and brines with large amounts of ice

– attachment for intensive cleaning of needles and hoses

– easy to use

– height adjusted to a standard stuffing trolley

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