Hydraulic unit, perfect - 200 BAR - NACHI


Technical data

Product number0810001015
Height:900 mm
Width:800 mm
Length:800 mm
Power supply:Electric: 400V 50Hz 5N
Total power:5 kW
Performance:14 l/min
Oil tank capacity: 40l
Distributor coil voltage:230 V
Max. operating pressure:200 bar

A hydraulic power pack for a wide range of applications. The PSU is equipped with a 5 kW electric motor and a 14 l / min pump

It has pressure regulation, full filtration and a preview of the oil condition.

It is also equipped with an electrical distributor that can control the flow of the working medium in any direction.

This type of device is used to control hydraulic consumers (one or more).

Durable, compact design combined with the quality of the elements used makes its operation failure-free.

The entire service comes down to periodic checking of the oil level and replacement of the filter element.

The device is in perfect condition, without any defects.

On site, before buying, you can test how it works – we have nothing to hide.

The price is a net price

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