Drying tunnel - Cryovac WR81


Technical data

Product numberWR81
Year of production2011
Tape width600 mm
Type of drivechain
Max load weight250 kg
The material it is made ofStainless steel
Weight660 kg
Dimensions2100x1100x1700 mm
Power17 kW
PowerElectric: 400V, 50Hz, 5N

The machine for blowing water from the package after the shrinking process is designed for packing fresh meat, cheese and processed meat

Automatic water blowing machine
Self-regulating airflow – product contours follow the upper air knife
Two different power blowers are available: 8.5 kW and 12.5 kW
High standard of hygiene
The closed blower compartment reduces the noise level
Variable speed internal transporter

The device has been fully serviced in perfect condition

It meets all the requirements of the European Union in terms of standards and safety – CE certificate.

net price

Film how it works:

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