Double trolley for EURO E2 containers - NEW

Price: 66,99 €

Technical data

Product number:Wózek E2 pod
Year of production:2024
Type of container transported:Euro E2, E1 400×600 mm
Width:611 mm
Length:870 mm
Wheel diameter:125 mm
Wheel bearing type:Slide
The material of which the wheels are made:Poliamid
Steel type:Stainless steel 0H18N9 1.4301
Weight:7,5 kg

At the client’s request, we make reinforced carts

Trolley for transporting EURO E1, E2 containers as well as other 400×600 mm boxes

Brand new trucks.

Our trolleys have welded metal plates on the sides, which significantly strengthens the structure

They are made of bent sheet metal, which is then additionally bent and welded at the joints

The trolleys are ideal for places where you have to transport several containers at once

Trolley supported on wheels with a diameter of 125 mm, which are characterized by low rolling resistance

Six wheels guarantee stable work with the trolley.

The middle wheel axle is lower than the two outermost wheels, which allows for a slight inclination of the trolley and makes it easier to maneuver in narrow spaces, which also allows the stacking of trolleys in the post, which saves space in the Production Hall

Trolley wheels made of Polyamide which is several times more resistant to damage and abrasion than polypropylene – please be careful when buying carts with polypropylene wheels, they are cheaper but less durable

Carts made of 0H18N9 stainless steel – this is stainless steel which does not blacken under the influence of chemistry – be careful of carts made of ordinary stainless steel which after a few washes lose their color and turn gray-black.

One courier package will fit max 4 trolleys – The cost of shipping one trolley when ordering 4 items is only 6.5 PLN net

The cost of shipping 50 trolleys on a pallet is only PLN 125, i.e. PLN 2.5 net for each stroller

Shipping time of carts from 1-3 business days depending on the size of the order

In addition, we make other carts racks according to the order

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