Cutting Saw, Circular Saw - Kentmaster


Technical data

Product number42
Year of production 2007
Blade diameter280mm
Number of rpm1350 obr/min
Power1,8 kW
Power110 V –

Made entirely of stainless steel

Requires two-handed engagement – very safe

Electronic emergency brake stops the blade in 2 seconds

Technical characteristics:
Weight 18.0 kg
Blade diameter 280 mm
Cutting depth up to 120 mm
Rotation speed 1350 rpm
Length 810 mm
1800 Watt motor power
Electric drive, 3-phase motor 42V
CE certificate

Cutting carcasses and quarters of cattle and calves
Cutting “pistols”
Cutting heavy pigs and sows
all performance ranges

durable and efficient hanging saw
extremely low-noise transmission
gear protected by an overload clutch
easy rotation of the saw on the axis for miter cuts
waterproof switch
easy cleaning – smooth surfaces, tight structure

Film how it works:


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