Machines used

Hanging hygiene station

The compact hanging hygiene station is used to protect employees against the transmission of bacteria on their hands. The airlock is equipped with an automatic hand disinfector with disinfecting liquid.

2-chamber fryer 2x12.5l

With 70 years of experience and expertise, MKN is a leading German specialist in the development and production of professional kitchen appliances. The MKN Counter SL production line has proven itself in practice for many years. It can be used in restaurants, company canteens and gastronomy.

Slicer BIZERBA VS8A for sausage meat SEMI-AUTOMATIC

Professional semi-automatic slicer. This means that it picks up the slices itself and arranges them in patterns and the operator moves the table.


Spiral mixer with a capacity of 32 liters with a bowl, safety cover and a spiral made of stainless steel. The mixer is designed for kneading heavy doughs such as pizza, dumplings, pasta, bread.

Stainless steel box tipper

Stainless steel box tipper

Bandsaw for cutting meat bone LARGE

Table band saw made of stainless steel. Ideally suited for a butcher's shop. Largest size fixture, suitable for heavy production work, often used to cut frozen meat blocks.

KOLBE PF110 portioning machine, production of minced meat

Purpose: Portioning of minced meat in a pressed form or sausages, the so-called Cevapcicci Use for the production of minced meat in meat processing plants

Bandsaw for cutting meat bones - BUTCHER BOY

Table band saw made of stainless steel. Ideally suited for a butcher's shop.

Vacuum pump BUSCH RA 0255 D 561 QNBB - Vacum

Oil vacuum pump, squeegee - a device used in technology to remove gases (create a vacuum) in a closed space.

Hydraulic horn and hoof shears - EFA

Hydraulic tongs with a jaw closing force of up to 65.6 kN, for cutting hooves and horns. For beef, camel and horse meat.

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