Machines used

Dicer TREIF 1510

One of the best dicing machines used in meat industry plants.

Dicer TREIF 0853

One of the best Dicer applicable in the meat industry.

Linear conveyor Bizerba

The Bizerba liner allows you to align up to 6 products at a time

Injector Gunther PI 21/57 - 57 needles

One of the best high-performance injection machines used in meat industry plants Czy to tłumaczenie było po

Saw - EFA 186

Extremely durable universal saw for any plant

Bandsaw for cutting meat bones REICH Large

A table band saw made of stainless steel. Ideally suited for a butcher's shop, slaughterhouse.

Skinning machine - MAJA - VBA 3600

Skinning machine of the reputable company Maja. The machine is in perfect condition

Skinning machine - MAJA - VBA 3600

Meat skinning machine - MAY - VBA 3600

Angular belt conveyor

Angular belt conveyor

Paddle Mixer 350l

Paddle Mixer 350l

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