Machines used

Vacum pump Busch RD 0240 A

Price: 4 190,00 €

Busch RD 0240 A Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump Busch RA 0305 D

Price: 5 290,00 €

Pompa Próżniowa Busch RA 0305 D

FREUND circular knife motor

Price: 1 999,00 €

FREUND circular knife motor

Circular Knife FREUND F128 - New

Price: 3 999,00 €

Circular Knife FREUND F128 - New

Band saw for cutting meat and bones AEW Large

Price: 3 590,00 €

Band saw for cutting meat and bones AEW Large

Busch Vacuum Pump CB 0250 B 003

Price: 3 690,00 €

Oil vacuum pump, squeegee - a device used in technology to remove gases (create a negative pressure) in a closed space.

Dual Blade Skinner Townsend 7612

Price: 8 780,00 €

Townsend 7612 two-knife skinning machine Machine in perfect condition

Dicer - Treif Felix 100

Price: 6 699,00 €

One of the best dicers and slicers used in meat, fruit and vegetable industry plants.

Hygiene station, shoe washer - 2014 year

Price: 6 990,00 €

The compact hygiene station is used to protect employees against the transfer of bacteria on shoes. The sluice has an automatic shoe disinfector, where disinfectant is administered.

Vacum Hekovac A5000 L Packing Line

Price: 13 999,00 €

Vacum Hekovac A5000 Packing Line

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